3D Radiance Factors

3D Radiance Factors

Simulated skin cell ingredients reduce your skin's rejection rate

3D Radiance Factors

Re-arranges skin cells to firm up and lift up your skin

3D Radiance Factors

Powered by Nano technology, hydro nutrients penetrate deep-down into your skin

The Secret To Achieving A Flawlessly Radiant 3D Skin

1. Enhanced Cellular Defense And Reproduction Capabilities
Simulated Skin Cell Ingredients Smoothe Out Wrinkles

By putting ingredients similar to those found in your skin, Lareina helps to repair dead or aging cells while enhancing their defensive and reproductive capabilities. This prevents skin irritation and solves capillary problems, effectively building up a protective shield for your complexion. It also promotes your skin cells' ability to retain and absorb water, ensuring long-lasting and ample water supply to your complexion. Ultimately, our reproduction of healthy cells paves the way for fuller and younger-looking skin that truly is here to stay!

2. Active Collagen Boosts Up And Lifts Up Your Skin

Active collagen provides your skin with basic nutrients that are easy to absorb, makes up for nutrient loss caused by oxidation and enhances protection of your skin's surface. The end result is a healthier, younger, firmer and brighter complexion.

3. Nano Technology Provides An Ample Nutrients Supply For Your Skin

Enhanced with Nano technology, the nutrients in our products penetrate deep within your skin. A gentle massage instantly boosts dry cells with hydro power, making your skin look more elastic, firmer and younger!